• Packing Tip #3 Roll It.
Packing Tip #3 Roll It.
Real Simple's packing guide has been helping me take the stress out of packing for family of 4.    

Roll It, Fold It, or Bundle It
Rolling and folding are classic expert-packer methods; bundling is advanced—but ingenious.


Great for:
  • Unstructured bags, like a duffel or a carry-on tote.
  • Stretchy knit fabrics that are unlikely to wrinkle, including T-shirts, workout pants, light sweaters, and jersey dresses, as well as jeans.
  • Stuffing seven days’ worth of stuff into a weekender.
Want to learn how to ROLL with style - click ROLLING CLOTHES to see how to roll pants, shirts and even your heavy winter down jacket you need to take with you to Mexico but never know what to do with once the plane takes off!