• Packing Tip #1 Pack Mentally
Packing Tip #1 Pack Mentally
Already planning your Thanksgiving get-a-way to see the fam or your trip to over the Christmas holidays.  I know I am!!!    Packing is always the worst part of any vacation.  Last year I literally had 3 suitcases just for my 2 kids (who were under 2!)

The key is to stay organized!  

Real simple's Laura Sinberg's has some great tips on how to pack and stay organized.   A manta I must try and follow - packing for 2 kiddies, myself and my hubby.  Her first tip - PACK MENTALLY.  I don't think this means pack like a mental case - although that is usually how I get everyone packed the night before.

Pack Mentality

Decide what you’re taking. And, just as important, what you’re not. These streamlining guidelines will help, whether you’re bound for a beach or a boardroom.

Follow a simple formula. Pack three tops for every bottom. Generally, pants and skirts take up more room than shirts, and when you wear them multiple times, no one is the wiser, says Justin Klosky, the founder of the Los Angeles–based organizational-consulting company O.C.D. Experience. A weeklong trip, he says, shouldn’t require more than six tops, one pair of pants, one pair of shorts, one dress, and three bras. “Choose staples you feel most confident in so that you’ll be less inclined to bring alternatives,” says Lesley Grosvenor, a cofounder of Clothes Up Style, a wardrobe-advising service in Los Angeles. Then, for a handy reminder about all the other stuff you’ll need, from floss to batteries, print the vacation-essentials checklist atrealsimple.com/packingchecklist.

Stick to a color scheme. “Start with two neutrals for your core basics and add two to three fun shades that coordinate,” advises Alan Krantzler, the senior vice president of brand management at Tumi, a travel brand. A dark palette hides stains and easily sails from day to night. If that feels too uptight for your jaunt to Margaritaville, try a breezy mix of white, navy, red, teal, and pale yellow. Or “plan your wardrobe around one shoe color,” says Judith Gilford, the author of The Packing Book ($15, amazon.com). You need only three pairs—sneakers, flats or sandals, and heels or wedges.

Be a lightweight. Not all clothes are worth their weight. Leave behind pieces with bulky linings or heavy embellishments. Think thin and opt for pants made of polyester-rayon or acetate-spandex. Also, stretchy jeans or jeggings can take up half the space of regular denim.