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How to entertain yourself on a plane
If you are frequent flyer then you are no stranger to daunting task of keeping yourself busy on the plane.   Assuming you are not traveling with little monsters (aka - your children) here are some great ideas to keep you busy on your next flight.

1. Read
2. Listen to Music
3. Watch a movie
4. Play games on your ipad
5. Listen to Audio Books
6. Socialize (note to self - do not start socializing with the stranger next to you! You may get stuck talking for hours.  Maybe wait to attempt to talk to strangers until you are landing.)
7. Sudoko
8. Write in your journal
9. Design something
10.  Catch on emails
11. Clean and organize files on your computer
12. Sleep
13. Take pictures
14. Get drunk (is anyone still reading this?!)
15. Eat

Okay some of these are pretty obvious - but if you are lucky enough to get some time to yourself and you are actually super bored I am sure any parent traveling with children would love for you to help entertain their child.  Just sayin'

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