• How To Pack For A Long Weekend
How To Pack For A Long Weekend
Packing is not an exact science and packing for a weekend can sometimes be harder than packing for a two week vacation.  I am not going to list exactly what you should include because a trip to the cottage will include VERY different items than a weekend to Vegas.  I would hate to see those bags get mixed.  Your husband and mosquitos might be very excited to see you sitting in a black leather mini skirt at the camp fire.

Here ten tips to help you pack for your next weekend get-a-way.

1.  Check the weather 
Knowing the weather can help you eliminate some unnecessary pieces for your bag.  I like to bring pieces I can layer.  My favorite piece for a weekend get-a-way is my Luved sweatshirt.  It can be dressed up or down and is a perfect layering piece for spring and fall.

2.   Know your "events"
If you are going to a wedding you will need a little cocktail dress, a garment bag and such.  Whereas if you are going to the lake some sweats, relaxing jeans and TOMS will do.
Even if your hubbie, BF, BFF or whoever planned the trip - try to find out where you will be going and plan your outfits in advance.

3.  Get the perfect sized Bag
Okay - well this may be a bit of plug but the truth is that the Melissa Beth Jetsetter weekend bag is the BEST weekend bag.  It is the perfect size!  Try it - you will LOVE it.

4.  All purpose shoes 
For a weekend trip you need to cut down on shoes.  Try to bring only 2 pairs of shoes.  This may feel impossible but it is definitely possible.   You need one pair that you will wear when traveling and for daytime wear.  For example a pair of TOMS which go with many outfits.  Your second pair is for evening wear.  This could be a great pair of heels or a fabulous pair of boots.  In my books, flip flops don't count as shoes, so you can sneak in 2.5 pairs.

5. Undergarments and PJs
You only need one pair of PJs for the entire weekend.  Unless of course you are packing something fancy/sexy in that ooh la la lingerie bag.  But then of course it is teeny tiny and you can pack it small inside your bag.  Don't forget socks/undies etc.  These pack small but you only need 1 per day!

6.  Mini Cosmetics
I am clearly stating the obvious but for a weekend vacation you do not need your full sized beauty products.  Buy the small travel sized containers for shampoos, lotions and body wash so you can bring your favorite products without losing all that space.

7. Devices
Most of us can agree that without our magic chargers/ipads/kindles/iphones whatever we would be lost. Unless you are going to totally unplug don't forget to save room to pack the electronics.

8. Re-wear and layer
Try to pack clothing pieces that are versatile and you can re-wear.   Jeans, leggings and layered sweaters are perfect examples of garments you can wear more than once on the same long weekend.

9. Accessorize
Jewelry and scarves pack small and can help dress up or down any outfit.  Pack a few and stretch your staple pieces a little further with bling-bling.

10.  When all else fails....
When all else fails and your bag will barely close here is an excellent tip! Hide your things that don't fit in your bag in children's or husbands bag.  If you are like me, than you did EVERYONE's packing and no one will be the wiser :)